"Fashion photography is a dirty business, and that's exactly why I love it. I've stepped into this

industry with no "fashion" knowledge but with lots of hard work and training, I am here today.

Creating for you what I can only hope to imagine a beautiful magazine."

- Founder, Misti Hildebrand

Brand model magazine

A venue for models ages 1 - 25 to get their work published and get noticed! We are here to 

take your career to the next level. At BMM, we hope to help get you in the door at future

jobs, fashion shows, and more! Published Model looks great on any resume!  Not only are we a print and online magazine, we may also have fashion shows where we will cast our experienced models to walk for upcoming designers.

Model training available upon request!

Brand Model Magazine STAFF

*Owner / Founder / Editor: Misti Hildebrand


About brand model magazine

at brand model magazine, our goal is to help all models, photographers, creative teams, hair & makeup artists, and more network together to create something amazing while helping each other rise up in the fashion industry! giving you something to smile about!

Founder: Misti Hildebrand   |   Image by Luisa Vick